Opening Today: Crafted by Te Aro Roasted

I was fortunate enough to get a behind the scenes tour of the new location of Crafted by Te Aro owners Andy and Jessie Wilkin. The location of the new coffee shop is in the heart of hipsterville, 135 Ossington Avenue and will offer many of the same products that fans of Te Aro have come to know and love.

The space is a fair size, finished in raw wood paneling with ample seating for about 25 once all of the furniture is finally installed. The back garden patio is large as well and a perfect escape from the bustling sounds of the city. In between the front and back rooms there is a small retail space for all your coffee needs.

One of the most impressive features of the shop is the new cold drip coffee maker (pictured above, right). I was told by the owners that this is the first shop to offer this method of brewing in Ontario. The top canister is filled with distilled ice cubes and water. The water slowly drips from the controlled water reservoir into the coffee filter which has their signature coffee. The water then slowly makes its way through the grounds and drips to the bottom carafe.

Nothing new to most people except the water is cold and it drips only once every 2-3 seconds. The coffee takes about 6 hours to filter in total. The end result is  a smooth, almost creamy, potent-tasting, low acid cup of heaven. A cup runs approximately $4.

Crafted is located at 135 Ossington Avenue and is having its soft opening this afternoon. Wi-Fi is available for free.

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