La Palette

La Palette has been a go-to for many a friend’s visit from Montreal and a long time favourite of mine. The uniqueness of the décor, the ambiance, the service and the food are consistent and oh-so-good.

I’ve tried many items from the menu at the Kensington location and have narrowed it down to my prefered plates that always leave me happy; Fried camembert ($10), Cheval (horse tenderloin $34) and for dessert I order the cheese platter ($15) and share it with my guest. For the wine, I usually opt for the Syrah, but don’t expect too much of a selection when you go.

Recently, the owners opened a new location on Queen Street West that is much bigger than their Kensington original. I went for brunch and I’m happy to say it lived up to the expectations set by the original. I ordered the walnut crusted fried camembert to share (it was brunch after all, $9) and a croque madame ($10).

Each location offers a unique experience different from that of many French restaurants in the city. Though I still prefer the intimacy of the Kensington location and sitting on their terrasse, the Queen location is ideal for brunching/shopping or dinning and going out.

La Palette is located at 256 Augusta Avenue and at 492 Queen Street West. Queen street is wheelchair accessible. For more information call 416.603.4900

7 Responses to La Palette

  1. anonymous says:

    seriously. get an opinion will you. Your site is nothing but an advertisement for these people because you really have no opinion whatsoever about these places. This is why this site is useless. A friend recommended it, and after reading your posts, I realized, this is a useless blog. You dont say anything substantial, and just write crap about nothing. I’m assuming these places, such as La Palette are paying you, otherwise you’re just being silly advertising for them without any real commentary about their establishment.

    Useless blog. Get a backbone.

    • Hi “Anonymous”

      If I write positively about a place, doesn’t it stand to reason that I like it? Is that not an opinion?

      And no, I’m not paid for the reviews I do. I wouldn’t settle to “advertise” something that I don’t agree with just for cash.

      Again, refering to the content as advertising would mean it’s a positive review and in turn an opinion again, no?

      Thanks for reading and the comment.

  2. Sean says:

    I agree with anonymous. this blog serves no purpose. it’s just a sounding board for crap & is written poorly.

  3. Daniel says:

    Once again your writing and the passion through which you share your experiences with food have made me want to visit La Palette. Clearly Mr/Mrs Anonymous here has missed the point entirely…he or she is not familiar with blog posts and fine dining experiences and should just stick to the fast food joints they are use to. This blog is for people with taste. So Mr/Mrs Anonymous, stop reading if you don’t like it and didn’t your parents ever teach you not to say anything if it wasn’t nice? Sheesh.

    Though simple and understated…your blog posts give just the right amount of information and details from your visits and leave the right amount of curiosity for the readers. It is through curiosity that we must want to explore food and restaurants and I am so grateful to your blog posts for not only preparing me for my experiences, but for also giving me the room to let these experiences become my own.

    Most blogs just provide far too much detail and I find that their over opinionated posts just seep into individual experiences…but your blog allows us to share a relationship with our food through your words. Thank you!!!

  4. anonymous #2 says:

    I disagree with “anonymous”. You go into detail about the things that were delicious to eat, which I think clearly implies an opinion about said place — a positive one.

    Not all reviews or blog posts need to slam something in order to be legitimate. Sometimes, it’s nice to read a review that’s just positive. Plus, you have good photos.

    Maybe “anonymous” should stick to reading The Onion.

  5. Max says:

    two things: one, people who leave negative, anonymous comments are mouth-breathing reprobates. i wonder if anon #1 – who i am pretty sure left a fake e-mail address – will ever stop and realise how ridiculous a waste of time their comments are.

    two, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the food that you love and the places in which you find it. it’s lovely. it’s not like reading joanne kates’ reviews, but it doesn’t have to be. for the love of god. and the truth is that the idea behind this blog, I think, is for the people who like your tone and your opinions to go along for the ride. there’s a real value to connecting with everything that a specific blogger writes about: I have a selection of blogs for culture and food that I go back to for that reason. It’s a different sort of read than aggressive, negative criticism. I go to those blogs as well, of course, but they satisfy something different in me. there is room for all kinds.

    and three, where i do take issue with this review is that La Palette actually has a sensational wine list and a huge selection of beers, last I checked, anyway. There is a small, manageable wine list and then a separate, larger one with a whole bunch more bottles. it was a sort of reserve list and it was massive last i checked.

    anyway, anonymous negative commenters – trolls – are the bane of the interactive social media experience. there was nothing constructive, interesting or entertaining about that post, at all. i would think that a submitter would offer one of the three.

  6. Max says:

    sorry, that was three things. who’s counting?

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